About Us

Gatewest Management has been operating in Missoula since 1971. Since those early years, our business has grown extensively to include a wide array of property management. We have experience managing retail space, office space, residential property, apartments and single family dwellings, condominium associations, farm and ranch property, recreational property, and family and business partnerships. In addition, we have worked extensively with individual property owners, financial institutions, attorneys, lenders and estate managers.

For owners, we provide quality, experienced and professional services which includes all aspects of management. We carefully screen tenants, handle all account activity, employ an experienced, full time maintenance crew, and provide inspection services to ensure upkeep of property and compliance with Montana law. We work hard to protect your property and keep it in optimal condition.

For tenants, we provide clean and safe housing and commercial property. Our maintenance team is available 24-hours to handle any emergency repairs or maintenance issues. Non-emergency repairs and maintenance is completed in a timely fashion during our regular business hours.

Our mission is simple: we wish to provide quality services to both tenants and owners.

Our Business Practices

Gatewest strives to provide excellent services to both tenants and owners.  We treat our clients and potential clients fairly and with respect.  Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions or concerns during regular business hours and our maintenance crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address emergency maintenance issues.

What Sets Us Apart From Others

Gatewest is set apart from other management companies in a number or ways.  First, our experience managing a wide array of property exceeds most of our competitors.  We have managed family partnerships, corporations, condominium associations, vacation rentals, residential property, commercial property, and much more.  Second, our properties are kept in excellent condition to provide clean and safe housing to our residential and commercial tenants.  The efforts we expend on maintaining our properties in outstanding condition help to protect the property owner’s investment.  Third, we take a small-town approach to owner and tenant issues which ensure that your unique situation will be taken into account as a whole if an issue arises.  Fourth, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional service to all of our clients.  There are many other aspects to our business that set us apart from other management companies.  Please contact us to experience our excellent service.

Our Promise to the Customer

Gatewest will always treat you with respect and honesty.  Any issue that arises will be treated with professionalism and courtesy.

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    2100 Stephens Avenue, Missoula, MT